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Additive Addition Module

  • As per process requirements, system can be designed any Nos. of aseptic addition ports for Media, Inoculum, Antifoam, Acid, Alkali, Nutrient Feed and Inducer.
  • Each aseptic addition port with 4 valve assembly or 6 valve assembly can be designed for sterilization in place.
  • All possible designs can be given either with 2-way diaphragm valves, tandem valve, block valves or disposable colder valves.
  • System can be provided with integrated variable speed or fixed speed peristaltic pumps for additive transfer.
  • In case of Bioreactor, media sterilization can be provided with0.2-micron liquid filter for cell culture application, with provision of independent SIP / CIP, it is designed to meet qualification & validation requirements.

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