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Aeration / DO control module

  • Depending on the requirements of respective process & culture, BAPS designed Fermenter / Bioreactor can be provided with the supply of Air, N2, O2 and CO2.
  • Individual MFCs having Individual gas line (except nitrogen line).  A flow meter with control valve also can be given with smart process automation.


  • Rota meter on bypass line to ensure uninterrupted gas supply in case of failure of MFC.
  • PRVs, NRVs & isolation valves on each gas line.


  • Individual or common 0.2 filter for sparger & overlay line with independent SIP / CIP options with design for qualification/validation.
  • CASACDE mode for control & maintaining p02 with selectable Air flow, agitation, back pressure and O2.
  • Removable ring sparger or sintered stainless steel 316L Micro sparger – 20 μm pore size.
  • Flexibility of changing sparger as per process requirements.
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