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Agitation / Mixing module

  • Extremely important part in any process solutions & especially in Fermenter/Bioreactor. Agitation or Mixing is required for effective mass transfer of nutrients, gases, & temperature maintenance. The cell line dictates the choice if impeller & its RPM
  • BioAspire can provide appropriate type of agitator & mounting as per process requirements & need of the cells.

Top mounted agitation:

  • Mechanical agitators with dry seal or double mechanical wet seals.
  • High shear resistant microbial cell culture: Rushton turbine impellers. Advanced BT-6 for effective mass transfer and power consideration.
  • Shear sensitive culture :3-blade segment impellers are specifically designed for use in shear sensitive cell cultures. The impeller creates an axial flow to achieve homogenous and thorough mixing of the culture media.
  • Removable and adjustable 3-blade segment impeller. Pitched at an angle and thus direct the liquid flow towards the base of the tank.
  • Ineffective at breaking up bubbles and thus unsuitable for use in aeration of bacterial fermentations.

Bottom mounted agitation:

Bottom mounted mechanical or magnetic agitator and magnetic mixers.


  • Bottom driven agitator requires less clearance
  • Magnetic motor does not require any separate mechanical seal
  • Segment impeller, axial mixing with low shear
  • Absolutely tight/close system
  • No influence on the integrity of the system
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Low shearing force &Careful mixing allows handling of sensitive products e.g. proteins, cells, blood fractions or factors.


  • To break a vortex in terms of top mounted agitators, baffles are important
  • Baffles ensure proper mass transfer.
  • Fixed or removable baffles as an available options
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