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Bio Kill System

Bio-kill / Decontamination systems

Looking at the potential risk of biohazard to the environment & ecosystem, before sending it to ETP, it is mandatory to treat the waste coming out from any biopharma facility. it can be treated by multiple ways & means. The process is called as Bio Kill or decontamination. The systems designed for these application needs the experience & expertize of process & process automation. We at BAPs understand the requirement of process & expectations as per regulations. We can provide:

  • Completely customized & fully automated systems
  • Batch bio kill systems integrated with/without storage tanks.
  • Vertical OR Horizontal solutions as per facility layouts.
  • Single OR dual vessel system working completely in auto mode for switching to either or once filled.
  • BAPs can design thermal as well as chemical bio kill system depending on the availability of utilities with respective client.
  • Designed in line with the requirements of qualifications & validation.
  • BAPs can design the systems for highly pathogenic cultures up to BSL-4 with containment and considerations of human/animal/environment safety
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