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Bio Pharma Vessel

Bio Pharma Vessel

Any fermentation process needs a nutritional media for the growth, support of micro-organism, it also has important precursors inducers for manufacturing particular targeted product. Many different component are required to make a complete media to prepare and mix these components media preparation vessels are required.

BAPS gives wide range of options for media preparation vessels like
Media preparation / Buffer preparation

  • For any microbial or cell culture fermentation process, it requires to prepare a media / Buffer in volumes, these are normally done in lower classified areas ISO -8/7 as compared to their respective manufacturing core areas.
  • These vessels are needed in various different mixing & temperature controlled provisions.
  • From these vessels media / buffers are transferred to respective unit operations through sterile filtration (cell culture) or without filtration (in-situ sterilization in microbial process)
  • CIP/SIP able design,
  • Mobile /fixed options
  • All kind of mixing options
  • Jacketed / non-jacketed
  • All options of automation
  • With or without load cells or with all other level sensing concepts. (DPT/ Radar etc)

DSP vessels:

After Fermentation process is over, to remove, recover a purify the targeted products, it requires multiple unit operations so as the vessels. It is called as DSP. Down stream Process.

Multiple DSP steps need, Multiple DSP vessels.

  • at every stages different buffers are required. These buffers are prepared in buffer vessel.
  • harvest vessels are required for harvested fermentation broth
  • Refolding vessels are required for refolding of proteins.
  • Chromatography Loading Vessels – required for product loading on chromatography column.
  • Equilibration Vessels – To load equilibrium buffers on column.
  • Elution Vessel – to elute the column.
  • TFF Process vessel are required for micro-filtration, Disaffiliation, ultra-filtration & concentration of products.
  • Purification vessels
  • RTF-Ready to fill vessels
  • Pressure vessels
  • Stability study vessels
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