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For any bio-pharma processes, after fermentation batch in fermenter & Bioreactor, there are multiple unit operations of cell harvest, clarification, lysis & various combinations of unit operations of product harvest & purification. These unit operations are carried out in various process vessels.

BioAspire, has wide range of process solution to cater the need of all upstream & downstream process vessels.

Fermenters / Bioreactors:
In simple definition fermenter is the system used for fermentations. It is the system which helps to grow, maintain the micro organisms in controlled environment.

Generally The system used for Microbial fermentation processes are called as Fermenter. AND the one which are used for cell cultures are called as Bioreactor.

The designing of both systems is different as the requirement of both the processes are different.

As such it is a complex design, which needs experience of Process, Microbiology & the engineering.

Inoculum development: Seed Fermenters:
To get healthy inoculums – purity, viable number, plasmid retention etc. and to get appropriate volume, final seed is needed to be developed in seed fermenter.

Manufacturing scale & optimized % inoculums dictates the volume of seed Fermenter.

Manufacturing Fermenter:
Product demand & the productivity dictates the volume of manufacturing fermenter.
At BioAspire we provide In-situ sterilizable stainless steel Completely customized solutions for Fermenters /Bioreactors of cap. 5L to 50KL

Automatic/semi-automatic & manual options

From our hands-on process experience we understand the requirements of the processes & different cell lines.

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