Plug n play concept

We believe that any process solution should get introduced in any clean room in very short time consumption for installation & handover.

We have enough experience about the qualification & validation activities and their interlink in any GMP facilities. Any system/skid getting erected on site and the time taken by the activities has direct impact on the validation master plan for facilities, HVAC, utility validations, autoclave validations etc. As an end user always expected that the system should get installed immediately & the team mobilization should happen in quick time period.

Hence process solutions designed at BAPS are with unique concept of plug & play. Fully assembled, FAT tested systems are packed as it is and shipped to site. On site after execution of check list, the system is positioned at defined location. Removed from packaging, systems are ready for use immediately after hooking to respective utility connections. It takes very short time for installation, there is no erection on site, no welding at site!

It not only saves extremely valuable time in any project life cycle but also ensures the quality untouched. Ultimately faster, smoother SAT & qualification activities.